why JP?

JP Classmate PC has more than 10 years of experience in the concept, design and implementation of technology solutions for ICT-based Education. The knowledge acquired in projects developed around the world makes JP Classmate PC the reference partner to create, integrate and dynamize best practices in the use of technology in Education.
Our mission is to provide opportunities for future generations based on the development of their capabilities and self-confidence. JP Classmate PC equipment is designed to inspire and prepare a generation that will have to deal with a new set of challenges in the future.



It is important to work with trusty and experienced partners across the globe who share our commitment towards a quality education for all.

For last ten years Intel and JP Classmate PC have teamed up in the context of education reference designs by working with school systems worldwide with the goal of improving education around the world.

Microsoft and JP Classmate PC have been partnering for the transformation of education by collaborating in the implementation of innovative learning environments within our large-scale ICT-based education projects.