Energy and security

CHARGE is a versatile, user-friendly and ultra-safe power management solution to store and charge up to 50 devices simultaneously.
This charging unit was designed to assist teachers with keeping the classroom devices secured while charging, since managing a large set of devices can be a challenging task. It has a three point locking system, essential to ensure that the students’ devices are secured while stored.
In addition, the power sockets are in a separate, lockable compartment at the back of the structure that can only be accessed by the IT Team, enhancing the safety of this solution by preventing children handling the plugs themselves.

Time controller and UV Disinfection 

CHARGE comes with a time controller, which teachers can use to program how many hours the devices will be charging.
This solution goes one-step further regarding safety by incorporating a UV lamp that disinfects the devices while they are stored, preventing the spread of bacterial diseases among children. 

Integrated Peripherals and Storage

Includes an outside drawer with four extra plugs to store teachers’ devices or other learning tools. It also allows the customization of the interior through removable slots, in case there is the need to store other types of devices.

Compatible with JP Portfolio 

CHARGE was designed to guarantee compatibility with all JP Product Portfolio, which means that it responds to the charging and storing needs of all JP devices. Features individual and universal plugs with fast charge while enabling an effective cable management by keeping the AC adaptors organized and easy to access.

Easy Cable Management
Strong and Robust
Universal charging using AC adaptor
Simultaneous charging for up to 50 devices


Product Specifications

Led indicator
UV Disinfection
Yes (5W x 3Pcs)
Control System
Multi Plug Power Cable
3PC 2.5 x 3m
Front door with 3 x locker
4 PCS Size:10mm
Input Voltage & Input Frequency
220V, 50-60 Hz
Product Dimension
1100 x 600 x 1180mm (1280 w/ wheels)
Slot Dimension
400 x 52 x 300mm
Packaging Dimensions
1190 x 690 x 1490 mm
Weight (Net) (Gross)
118 kg, 170 kg