How to choose the best device for a given year of schooling? see more
Our devices are segmented according to the years of schooling. When browsing our product page, these are in order from the lowest to the highest year of schooling.
For example, the MOVE S101 tablet is geared towards children with less needs, while the TURN T302r is designed for students who need to perform more demanding tasks. Our specialists will be able to help you choose the most appropriate equipment for the group of students you want.

I am not a student, but I am interested in purchasing a education device. see more
For personal use, our suggestion lies with the Trigono V401, designed for active users. It's a sleek, lightweight 360 ° device with a long battery life that offers a great user experience.

Which devices have the longest battery life? see more
All our devices have a long battery life because they are designed specifically for use in educational environments, approximately 10 hours! The JP device with the longest battery life is the LEAP T303, which guarantees more than 13 hours of autonomy (proven results in TabletMark® benchmark tests).

Can I install Android apps on my tablet? see more
Yes, on Google Play, you can install apps on your Android tablet.

How to update the drivers? see more
You can make driver updates for your device by downloading and installing the version you need. Check the list in the Support - Downloads menu here.

Do JP devices include any kind of Education software? see more
All JP devices include the inspiring knowledge Education Software (ikES), a suite of applications that promote the development of 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and digital literacy, help educators transform learning and managing the classroom, and also help protect student data. You can learn more about ikES at ikes.jpik.com.

What are the main differences between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Pro? see more
S mode is an enhanced security mode of Windows 10. Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise in S mode powers affordable, cloud-ready devices that are simple, secure, and efficient. More information, please consult Microsoft webpage.

I have a problem with my equipment. What can I do? see more
When you detect a problem, immediately stop using the device because any further action may cause data loss or damage. Make a note of the system activities and actions you took before the problem occurred. Provide detailed information to your service provider to enable faster resolution of the problem.

For any problem follow these steps:
  • Restart your laptop;
  • Check the WI-FI connection;
  • Reset the WI-FI connection;
  • Plug the notebook into an electrical outlet to charge it for at least one hour.

When I turn on the device, nothing appears on the screen. What can I do? see more
If the display is off, make sure the charger is connected to the computer and the power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
The device is on (press the on / off button again to confirm). If the display remains blank after performing these steps correctly, the device requires service.

What should I do if the screen goes blank while the computer is on? see more
If the screen turns off while the computer is running, this may mean that it has gone into sleep mode. To activate it again, press any key on the keyboard for 2 or 3 seconds, or press the power button. Another option is to press the Windows key.
Make sure the charger is on or the battery is in use, and if the battery status indicator is on, press Fn + F4 to increase the screen brightness.

Press the power button to wake up from sleep mode.
If the problem persists, check if the screen resolution and color are correctly set, or if the monitor type is correct.

The screen becomes unreadable or distorted. How to solve? see more
Make sure that the screen resolution and color quality are correctly set, and that the monitor type is correct.

The device enters sleep mode immediately after being switched on. What to do? see more
Make sure the battery is charged. The operating temperature may also be too high. Move to a cooler environment and try turning the device on.

The device does not respond. What to do? see more
To turn off your computer, press and hold the power button for six seconds or more. If the device still does not respond, remove the charger.
Your device may be locked when it enters sleep mode during a communication operation. Disable sleep timer when working on the network.

The speakers do not emit sound even when the volume is increased. What can I do? see more
Make sure the Mute function is turned off, the audio plug is not being used, and the speakers are selected as the playback device.

The connected external device does not work. see more
Do not connect or disconnect any external device cables except USB while the device is on. Doing so may damage your computer. When using an external device with a high power consumption, such as an external USB optical disk drive, use a power adapter from the external device. Otherwise, the device may not be recognized or the system may shut down.